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Due to the discontinuation of the search technology used in MyCourses search, we will be retiring the search feature on MyCourses on May 31st.

More Information on MyCourses Search Retirement

MyCourses Search is powered by a Google Search Appliance. Google is discontinuing this product and the cost to replace the search functionality would be prohibitive, given that MyCourses is on a path to retirement.

This decision was reached by a joint committee comprising Education Computing and Program in Medical Education leadership and staff.

eCommons Search functionality will not be affected, including People Search and ISIS.

MyCourses and eCommons Retirement Timeline

Planning for the eventual retirement of MyCourses and eCommons is still in its early stages. These applications will be available through the 2017-2018 academic year and beyond.

Community-wide announcements will be released when a timeline has been created for the retirement/replacement of these applications.


Please contact with any questions.

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