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What is WebEx?

WebEx is the preferred web conferencing application supported by Media Services at Harvard Medical School.  This easy-to-use application allows individuals to share their video and computer content with up to 500 participants over the internet.

Each license includes access to Meeting Center, Event Center, Training Center, and Support Center applications. These are "active host” licenses, meaning that the license can be shared using departmental credentials, or assigned to an individual.

Select conference and classrooms on campus support TelePresence-enabled Webex. For more information on this new feature, please see the TelePresence-enabled Webex section below.

 What is the cost of webex?

  • $300/FY (license fee for FY17) July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017
  • FREE Computer Audio, Domestic Toll Call in, and Domestic Call-back
  • Per-minute phone charges; Toll-Free, US Toll, and International Options

Please see the WebEx Teleconference Rates page for more information.

How do I get access to WebEx?

In order to obtain a WebEx license, please visit HMS WebEx New Account and have the following information ready. Please allow a minimum of three business days after signing up to process.

  • Harvard Medical School Department Name
  • Harvard Medical School Departmental 33-digit billing code
  • WebEx User: name, phone number and e-mail address
  • Financial Admin: name, phone number and e-mail address

I am new to WebEx. How do I learn more about it?

For quick reference click on helpful support links below:


For more information, email

Should I schedule a Webex meeting or use a Webex Personal Room?

HMS IT recommends using your Webex Personal Room for all meetings, no need to schedule a webex. Your WebEx Personal Room is your own virtual conference space. It's always available, you don’t need to book it, and you always know where to find it. Share your link and kick off your meeting. A Personal Room includes the following benefits:

  • Your Personal Room is always in the same place; the URL, video address, and call-in numbers never change.

  • Participants using Cisco TelePresence systems and other video systems or applications can also join

  • A virtual waiting room or lobby where people wait if they try to join your Personal Room meeting ahead of time, or if you have locked your Personal Room.

More information on the Webex Personal Room can be found at;

How to setup and start my Webex Personal Room.

Video: Webex Personal Room Intro Video

How do I connect an HMS TelePresence room to Webex?

  1. Confirm the webex invitation has a "video address"  in the invitation. Video address example,
    1. if there is no video address available please ask the host if they have included the entire webex invitation
  2. In the TelePresence room touch the touch screen, to wake it up.
  3. Press the "call" or "dial" button.
  4. Enter the video address provided in the invitation, you may need to select the keyboard button next to the "#". Video address example,
  5. Press the "dial", "call", or "start" green button.
  6. Your have now joined the Webex meeting.

What is TelePresence-enabled Webex?

Harvard Medical School has introduced advanced technologies in conference and classrooms that provide a seamless experience between Cisco Webex and the conference/classroom. Webex enabled TelePresence allows for a high definition audio and visual experience. Utilizing the media equipment in the rooms (Microphones, HD Cameras, HD Displays, and content sources) and the HMS network, we can connect the rooms over a secure encrypted connection to the Webex cloud.  Most of our Countway rooms, (Lahey, Ware, Minot, Ballard) have been upgraded and are Telepresence-enabled, similar to Gordon Hall's Alumni and Bibring conference rooms.  In The TMEC building, all four of the Learning Suites including the four Studios, Labs and Classrooms in the TMEC building are also Telepresence rooms.

As of May 1 2017, There are 2 options for using a TelePresence or Video Conferencing room with Webex. Option 1 is our recommended way of TelePresence enabled Webex. Option 1 can be used scheduled or ad-hoc.

Option 1: Our recommendation is to use your Webex Personal Room or schedule a webex meeting by using the outlook plug in or the website. All Webex meetings, Personal Room or scheduled via, or scheduled via outlook plug in now have a video address. This video address can be dial from any of our classrooms/conference rooms that have Cisco TelePresence or Video Conferencing available.

Option 2: Please note this option will be retiring Jan 2019. TelePresence enabled Webex with a green button to start your meeting requires scheduling for all sessions, "HMS Configuring Webex for TelePresence" will walk through linking your Harvard SmartScheduler account and Webex account. Once you have completed this one page guide please continue to the "Webex enabled TelePresence Scheduling Guide".

HMS Configuring Webex for TelePesence v2.pdf

HMS Webex enabled TelePresence Scheduling Guide v2.pdf


What WebEx Accessories Do You Recommend? 


If you are interested in a group solution for more than 6 participants in one room, contact Audio Visual Communications by email,, to schedule a site survey.

Headphones with Integrated Microphone

We recommend the use of headphones with an integrated microphone when recording. Their microphones usually offer background noise reduction for better speech intelligibility.


Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Price: $29.

These are a great low budget option for any type of phone, web conference, or diy screencast recording. The TRRS jack plugs directly into your laptop's mic input.



Plantronics Blackwire C720-M  

Price: $104.

This is a plug and play, USB headset. It sounds clean but very compressed, almost like any type of VoiP call. Background noise is eliminated with this headset. The headset is light weight, very discreet, easy to use and it also has volume controls.





Jabra 510+ Speakerphone   

Price: $122

This unit is a life saver. Portable USB speakerphone connects directly to your laptop and you can host a 

WebEx meeting with a small-sized group (1-6 participants) without a phone line. Serves as group microphone and speaker.

Since no phone line is used, there is no additional audio fee for your connection.







If you would like to capture video, and your computer does not have a camera built in, you will need a webcam.  We recommend the Logitech C920 HD Pro webcam.


Logitech C930e Webcam


Price: $110.

This Webcam has 1080p video and an autofocus Carl Zeiss lens. The image is very sharp and there are software brightness, zoom, and color quality controls. This camera is plug and play.




How can I get support for WebEx?

More Information on Webex