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Browser Messages Indicating eCommons Is Not Secure

When logging in to eCommons, you may receive a message from your web browser indicating that the connection to the site is not secure. This message is due to eCommons' outdated design, but your credentials are secure.

When you submit your credentials, registrations, and password resets they are submitted over 256-bit SSL encryption (https), even though the page itself is not encrypted.

Fixing this issue would require significant re-engineering of eCommons, and since a project is underway to sunset this platform, HMS IT has decided not to make changes of this magnitude to eCommons.

Other Display Issues

Some page display issues can be fixed by specifying a secure connection. To do this, use HTTPS in the site address as follows:

Still Have Questions/Issues?

Please contact Education Computing if you are still have questions/issues regarding eCommons and security.

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