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Cohort B - Kennedy & BLA -Banerjee. • Thursday March 4, 2021 • Lab Assistants: CJ, Genesis & Zullo
3 - 4:15 > Online Live Lab

Cohort A - O'Bryant • Thursday March 11, 2021 • Lab Assistants: Genesis & CJ
3 - 4:15 PM > Online Live Lab

Cohort C - Boston Latin Academy - BLA-Via • Thursday March 18, 2021• Lab Assistants: Genesis & 
3:00- 4:15 PM  -  Online Live Lab


Big Idea 3: Living systems store, retrieve, transmit and respond to information essential to life processes. 

Big Ideas & AP Biology Science Practices

OBryantKennedy &

BLA - Via

Student Experimental Protocol

Student teams will first use the miniPCR system to amplify DNA samples collected at a fictitious crime scene and then separate DNA fragments using the Bluegel electrophoresis device. Each team will complete a set of worksheets given out during tutoring that cover the important theories and experiment steps required. Students will practice using a micropipettor to load a gel prior to working with their PCR samples. 

miniPCR unit Blue gel electrophoresis unit

Last Updated: January 22, 2020 


Watch these videos before coming to lab.

DNA Replication


Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Gel Electrophoresis