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Welcome to the COVID-19 Resource Hub for Boston-area Clinicians and Researchers

This space is intended to be a collective knowledge base for those of us working on the front-lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tiny link to this page: - do not post this link on twitter as it is not meant for general public.

This site set up by Katy Stephenson, MD, MPH, Division of Infectious Diseases, BIDMC, 


(1) Feel free to make your own sections to add any documents you think might be helpful to others. I might move them around to keep the site user-friendly. 

(2) This site is accessible to anyone who can be helpful. If you know someone who wants to get access, send me their email address:


(1) To add a folder to the side-bar, you have to click "Create" in the top header. There's no "Add Folder" button, sadly. Instead, click on "Blank Page". Give it a title and save. It will now show up on the left just like a folder.

(2) To add documents to your folder/page on the left, click on the page. Then click on "Create" again and add a new page. This new page will show up as a 'child' page in your folder. 

(3) When you add a new blank page, you can insert whatever you like into it. Go to the plus button on top. 

(4) Write a short description of what is in the page, at the TOP of the page. This will make it much easier for others to figure out if it will be useful to them. 



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