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How can I tell if I have access to edit a course?

  1. Search for the course using MyCourses search.
  2. Look for the Manage Course link below the section drop down menu. If you see the Manage Course link, click it to edit the course. See the list of course administrator help pages for more information on course editing functions.
  3. If you see the Add to Courses link instead of the Manage Course link, you do not have editing permissions. (Clicking Add to Courses will allow you to "follow" the course, but will not give you any editing permissions):

  4. To request editing permissions, click the Faculty link in the left menu to find contact information for the Course Director, Course Manager or Course Coordinator. Contact one of these people to request editing access.

When will I have access to edit my courses?

If you are a listed in the Registrar's database as a Course/Clerkship Manager or Course/Clerkship Director, you will have access to edit your courses on the following schedule:

  • Core Clerkships and Advanced Clinical Electives: 60 days before the start date of the clerkship
  • All other courses: shortly before the beginning of the academic year

If you need access to a course sooner in order to begin adding content, use the Copy Course Items functionality in CourseEditor to copy the faculty list from a previous section or rotation.


Tutors generally do not have editing privileges on the entire course, and may or may not be given access to edit their tutorials through CourseEditor. In any case, tutors can access tutorial tasks as described on the MyTutorial help page.


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