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The My Account page contains three tabs for editing your account settings.

Navigate to My Account

From the main navigation area, click My Account to access account settings.

Change Account Settings


In the Profile tab, you can select communication preferences and edit your addresses.

Note: Auto-logout

Auto-logout has two options:

  • When Auto-logout is ON, you will be logged out after one hour of inactivity, with a 5-minute warning countdown starting at 55 minutes of inactivity.
  • When Auto-logout is OFF, you will be logged in until you click "Logout" or exit your web browser application.

If you are completing a MyCourses survey, you will not be logged out while the survey form is open, regardless of your auto-logout setting. Please make sure you don't walk away from a public computer with a survey open!

The Auto-logout setting ONLY applies to MyCourses. eCommons has a separate auto-logout setting.



Account Security

In the Account Security tab, you can change your password and manage your Safecode (password recovery) preferences.

Email Settings

In the Email Settings tab, you can manage your MessageMe (campus-wide emergency notification) preferences.

If you have a HMS-managed email account, you can also manage your email forwarding preferences and email aliases here.


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